Hand-crafted small batch, artisan gelato and sorbet. We prepare all our products on site from scratch!

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Queen B (GF)


Cheesecake gelato rippled with blueberry coulis and buttery biscuit.

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Milk chocolate gelato loaded with milk chocolate chunks, honeycomb and honeycomb ganache. Finished with torched Italian meringue.


Remember It’s Gelato, so all cakes must be stored in a freezer.

Our recommended safe travel time for cakes is 30 mins from store to freeze.

Safe travel times may vary depending on the temperature outside so always allow a buffer just incase.

Using an esky, cooler bag and or ice packs can extend the safe travel time we suggest, but don’t push it too far, it really depends on the conditions on the day. If it’s day really hot day and you don’t have an esky, don’t snooze – get where you are going quick!

We recommend travelling your cake on a flat surface, the floor or boot of the car.

To enhance the flavours and assist in cutting , the cake should be removed from the freezer and placed in the fridge 20 minutes prior to serving. This will allow the cake to soften a little (if the cake has been stored in a standard freezer at -18 ℃ for more than 3 hours).

Always use a hot, sharp knife and ensure you wipe off any excess water to prevent ice crystals forming on the cake.