Hand-crafted small batch, artisan gelato and sorbet. We prepare all our products on site from scratch!

149 Darby St, Newcastle
Opening Hours
Mon – Tues: 1pm-10pm
Wed – Sunday: 1pm – 11pm

Rotational Menu

Raspberry Sorbet (V, GF) – made from fresh raspberries

Passionfruit Sorbet (V, GF) – made from fresh passion fruit

Lemon Sorbet (V, GF) – made from fresh lemons

Mango Sorbet (V, GF) – made from fresh mangoes

Pineapple Sorbet (V, GF) – made using fresh pineapple

PB & J (V, GF, N) – creamy peanut butter gelato with toasted salty crushed peanuts and raspberry jam

Nutella Aero (V) – Hazelnut chocolate gelato, dark chocolate and dark chocolate house made aero chunks

Coconut Rough (GF, V) – chocolate and coconut gelato, white chocolate coconut ganache, dark chocolate chunks

Chocolate Cookies & Cream (V) – chocolate gelato, dark chocolate ganache, smashed chocolate cookies

Blondie – Peanut butter gelato, caramel fudge, salted caramel sauce, blondie brownie chunks

Black Forest – chocolate fondant and vallina gelato, cherry coulis, flourless chocolate sponge cake chunks, kirsch cream

Ol Dawg New Twix – milk chocolate gelato, caramel fudge, milk chocolate and vanilla cookie chunks

Sticky Date – caramel gelato, sticky date pudding, salted caramel sauce

Wagon Wheel’n – vanilla gelato, raspberry coulis, dark chocolate, vanilla cookie chunks, vanilla marshmallow

Milky Way (GF) – milk chocolate gelato, soft chocolate nougat and milk chocolate chunks

Good Time – Caramel gelato, salted caramel sauce and house made “good time” crumb

Tease Me (GF) – malt gelato, milk chocolate, house made malteasers

Nutella (GF, N) –  milk chocolate and hazelnut gelato

Dark Side of the Moon (GF) – chocolate fondant gelato and dark chocolate chunks

Ferrero (N) – Hazelnut gelato, chocolate hazelnut ganache, chocolate wafer shards

Homer Simpson – Cinnamon gelato, raspberry coulis, cinnamon crusted doughnut chunks

Vanilla Bean (GF) – Vanilla Bean gelato made using Madagascan Bourbon Vanilla Beans

Milk Chocolate (GF) – Milk Chocolate gelato made using premium Callebaut chocolate

Pistachio (GF, N) – pistachio gelato made from pistachios from Bronte in Sicily

Hazelnut (GF, N) – Creamy Hazelnut gelato

Cookies & Cream – vanilla bean gelato, whipped cream, smashed chocolate cookies

Rocky Road (GF) – Chocolate gelato, strawberry coulis, vanilla marshmallows, peanuts, milk chocolate chunks, strawberry jellies

Coconut Mango & Macadamia (N) – Coconut gelato, mango coulis and macadamia crumble

Crazy in the Coconut (GF, N) – coconut gelato with dulce de leche caramel jam

Rum & Raisin (GF) – Dark Chocolate gelato, rum soaked raisins and dark chocolate chunks

Kiss me, I’m Ginger – Caramel & ginger gelato, salted caramel sauce, Italian meringue, gingerbread chunks

Bombshell – Chocolate fondant gelato, caramel cheesecake fudge, salted caramel sauce, chopped pecans, dark chocolate, chocolate brownie chunks

Heartbreaker (GF) – fresh strawberry gelato, marshmallow, dark chocolate chunks, strawberry coulis

Strawberries & Cream (GF) – fresh strawberry gelato, strawberry coulis and whipped cream

Monkey See, Monkey Do (GF) – banana gelato, blueberry coulis, white chocolate chunks

Apple Crumble – apple, cinnamon and vanilla gelato, crumble, vanilla whipped cream

Lemon Meringue – milk gelato, lemon curd, baked meringue, buttery biscuit crumbs

Turkish Delight (GF) – Strawberry and rose water gelato, dark chocolate chunks, strawberry & rose water jam

Round the Twist – Peanut gelato, salted caramel sauce, dark chocolate, pretzels and salted peanuts

Aphrodite (GF) – Blueberry yoghurt gelato, raspberry coulis, blueberry coulis

Burnt Caramel & Fig (GF) – Burnt caramel gelato, salted caramel sauce and figs

Nutella on Crack – Nutella gelato, dark chocolate coffee ganache, chocolate brownie chunks

Eggsplosive (GF) – Milk chocolate gelato, smashed Easter eggs, raspberry jellies, chocolate chunks

Pot O’ Gold – Peanut butter gelato, salted caramel sauce, chocolate coated peanuts and pretzels

Pick Me Up (GF) – Coffee gelato, kahlua fudge, dark chocolate chunks

Vovo – coconut gelato, strawberry coulis, marshmallow, buttery biscuit crumbs

Caramel Tart – dulce de leche gelato, dulce de leche jam, whipped cream, buttery biscuit crumb

Twin Flame – Cheesecake gelato with red velvet cake crumbs

Mango Cheesecake – Cheesecake gelato, mango coulis, cream cheese fudge, buttery biscuit crumb

Chocolate Cheesecake – Chocolate and Cheesecake gelato, milk chocolate chunks, buttery biscuit crumb

Caramel Cheesecake – Caramel and Cheesecake gelato, dulce de leche jam, buttery biscuit crumb

Summer Berries & Cream (GF) – Vanilla bean gelato with raspberry, blueberry and strawberry coulis, whipped cream