Hand-crafted small batch, artisan gelato and sorbet. We prepare all our products on site from scratch!

149 Darby St, Newcastle
Opening Hours
Mon – Tues: 1pm-10pm
Wed – Sunday: 1pm – 11pm

Hand-crafted with love

With a background in food, a love of design and a slightly unhealthy obsession with gelato, the Monella dream was born.

We knew we wanted to make gelato but we weren’t quite sure how so we literally went to University – yes you read that right… Gelato University to be exact (this is a thing) to learn the art and science (and woah it’s a science alright!) behind making gelato. And so it began… All of our flavours are made from scratch in our on site kitchen from recipes created by us!

Unlike the other gelato joints, we don’t use premade bases or flavour pastes. (Eww) You won’t find any fake sh*t or fluoro chemical based gelato here! We only use real, fresh premium quality food. (Local and organic where possible) If there’s a name on a label you can’t pronounce that is probably because it has no business being labeled as “food” in the first place!

Our philosophy is simple, if it’s not in an actual food and a high quality food at
that, we won’t use it. Fresh is best and if it’s not in season you probably won’t
see it in our cabinet.We pretty much make everything that goes into the gelato ourselves too (Short of milking our own pasture raised cows and harvesting our own cacao beans but hey you get the idea)

We decided to leave that stuff to the experts and focus on doing what we do best… Coming up with sweet AF flavour combos and making bang’n gelatos and sorbet! Gelato cakes too!! It’s not really our thing to blow our own horn, we don’t need to – we think the gelato speaks for itself really